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Every Sunday, we take up an offering during our worship service. Offering plates are passed through the pews and people place change, bills, and checks inside them. This is a tangible, hands on way to give to HUMC.

Giving online is also an option. Many people give digitally, setting up their tithe/giving as an automatic regular item.


Find out more: Online Giving FAQ.

Many people choose to mail in their giving to HUMC. Please write a note or something on the "memo" line if the giving is designated for something particular or a memorial.


Homerville UMC

Attn: Financial Secretary

PO Box 145 Homerville, GA 31634

Another options is ACH (Automated Clearing House). This option is set up by you through your bank to be a regular gift on a specific date of the month. Usually, there is no charge to you or the Church.


Contact your bank representative for more information, or you can talk to John and Gayle Hughes email (, who utilize this option.

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