Sunday School Classes

We have a great range of classes for you to choose from, with many different styles of teaching and learning. But, the thing that ties them all together is the desire to grow in faith - together.

Homerville United Methodist Church (HUMC) Nursery Sunday School

"Miss Laverne" and staff attend to the needs of our youngest. Our nursery is loaded with toys, cribs, and books so your babies and toddlers can enjoy their time at Homerville UMC. We pray over every child during the time they are with us, and show them love and interaction - teaching them, from the earliest age, what the Church is meant to be.


Homerville United Methodist Church (HUMC) Kindergarten 1st Grade Sunday School
Kindergarten - 1st Grade

Ms. Elva Lee Dickerson teaches our young disciples, telling them the stories of our faith. We utilize crafts, activities, stories, music, and so much more to help our young disciples grow in faith.

2nd - 3rd Grade

This wonderful age group uses the G.R.O.W. curriculum to learn more about Jesus. We utilize crafts, activities, stories, music, and so much more to help our young disciples grow in faith.

Homerville United Methodist Church (HUMC) Sunday School Upper Elementary 4th 5th Grade
4th - 5th Grade

"Maturing energetic disciples" describe our 4th and 5th grade age group. A structured curriculum is used to assist with the faith development of these inquisitive minds. Crafts, activities, stories, music, and more are used to help these young disciples grow in faith.


How's one's faith can be "lived out" is the focus of this group as they face the challenges of the world in which they live. With their very own Youth Building, this group is free to explore Jesus in true "youth style".

Homerville United Methodist Church (HUMC) Young Adults Sunday School
Young Adults

This class reaches our young adults, in college, entering the work force, and beginning a family. The Young Adult class uses a variety of books, Bible studies, and commentaries as they grow in their faith.

Homerville United Methodist Church (HUMC) Quest Sunday School Class
Quest Class

Ellice Martin leads this adult group. The class uses a wide-variety of materials as they "dig deep" into the meaning behind the stories of the Bible.

Homerville United Methodist Church (HUMC) Wesley Sunday School Class
Wesley Class

Led by Jeanette Edwards, the Wesley Class uses a variety of materials, considering various views of scripture, in search of the Bible's eternal truth. This class meets each Sunday in the Wesley Building.

Susannah Wesley/ Seekers Class

Taught by a talented group of church leaders, this class uses the International Lesson Series as they continue in their search for God's perfect will and plan for their lives. Mature in life and faith, this group is committed to walking closer with our Lord.